Technologies That Changed Golf

Technologies That Changed Golf

Over time we have seen technology have a huge impact on golf. We have seen changes in the way clubs, balls, shoes, and equipment are created making the game easier and more enjoyable to play at all levels.. 

Let’s take a look at some technologies that have changed our game.

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Golf Clubs

Over time we have seen golf clubs change quite dramatically.Over the years we have been introduced to new clubs that have better aerodynamics which cause less wind resistance and more clubhead speed. 

This is due to the components inside the club being lighter and stronger than what they were previously. Today’s average driver weighs about 50 grams lighter than the previous generation helping golfers reach more distance. We also have seen the driver heads being much bigger than what they were previously making it easier to make contact with the ball

Golf Balls

Golf balls have also changed quite dramatically over the years. Manufacturers make a variety of different balls One, Two, Three, Four, and five-piece balls. 

One-piece balls may fly straighter than other balls but you will find you won’t be able to get as much distance. These balls are generally used by beginners while most golfers would generally prefer using a two-piece ball. When it comes to the pro golfers they usually would use a five-piece ball

Hybrid Golf Clubs

Changes in technology have seen the introduction of Hybrid clubs. Many golfers sometimes find it difficult to hit fairway metals or irons. Hybrids provide the best of both worlds these clubs have an increased angle in comparison to traditional clubs helping you have a greater launch capability that will help the golfer get the ball up in the air more easily. 

More Balance Putters

Advancements in technology have made putters more balanced. This gives the golfer a better chance at hitting their target. There are two different types of putters one being a “Toe-hang putter” and a “Face-balanced putter”. Both these clubs give the golfer a better chance on the green.

Golf Shoes

Golf shoes in the past were heavy, ugly, and not waterproof…the only real advantage was that they provided grip on the turf for golfers.

Over time we have seen a drastic change in how the shoes are manufactured. Golf shoes are now lighter, more comfortable, more aesthetic, and are much more effective than what they were previously.  New golf shoes have more paddings as well as using waterproof materials making the shoes functional as well as comfortable for all golfers. 

Golf Gloves

Golf gloves provide golfers with protection from blisters. When you have a look at older generation golfers and the gloves they used they usually dried out and lost their effectiveness quite quickly. Today golf gloves are more effective having a high elasticity giving golfers a firmer grip. 

In the past Golf, gloves had no ventilation, which could create sweaty hands and the club to slip. We have also seen improvements in ventilation to keep the golfers hand cool. 


Trackman is an optically enchanted radar tracking. This technology was not available previously and allows tracking of all types of shots and putts. This technology is used by many of the best players and coaches all around the world. You can improve your game with a launch monitor we have seen golfers who used trackman have:

  • Improved putting 

  • Better Yardage

  • More Confidence in the course

  • Improved swing pattern


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Mobile Applications – Golfmate 

Improvements in technology and app development around golf have been a useful tool for many golfers to improve their game as well as make the sport more accessible. Applications such as Golfmate have provided an online app that helps connect golfers with players.

Golfmate gives you the ability to connect with PGA coaches. You are able to communicate with your coach 24/7, Schedule lessons whether that is face-to-face, or even have virtual lessons if you can’t make it to the course.

The application also gives you the ability to send swing videos for analysis by the coach of your choice.  Helping golfers improve wherever they are. Providing a new more efficient way of booking coaches making golf more accessible for all.


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